“…National Ballet of Canada prima ballerina Greta Hodgkinson…enchanted, with all the nuances we so often see only in our imagination. Technically impeccable and tantalisingly vivacious in Act I, she then brought it home in Act II in convincingly ethereal fashion… She gives beautiful suspension to her jumps and balances, showing off those gorgeous legs just once in a series of excellently executed piqué turns. Every greater care and comprehension was applied to her use of the upper body as a tool for expression, particularly in the second act. As the newest wonder in Wili-and, she assumed the softest of qualities.”
Dance Europe

“Both Hodgkinson and Cote positively radiate their characters through intricately balanced solos and wonderfully feathered duets which make the most of Adolphe Adam’s utilitarian score in creating a very human form of enchantment that their fellow dancers do everything in their power to enhance.”
The Calgary Herald

“Greta Hodgkinson is luminous as Giselle, her pale face and body perfect for the role of a woman with a weak heart. Her style is that star-making mixture of grace and control; and her acting is excellent. When we meet her, she’s happy, bright, shy and sweet; when she goes mad, she does so most convincingly.”
The Saskatoon Star Phoenix

“Greta Hodgkinson sets a very high standard in the title role… I’ve seldom seen the Act I mad scene so powerfully characterized… a Giselle for the memory books”
The Toronto Star

“This incarnation of Giselle had a special, shimmering delicacy, as embodied in the divinely fragile Greta Hodgkinson…”
The Globe and Mail

The Sleeping Beauty

“There are good performances. There are great performances. Occasionally, very occasionally, there are very special performances you will take with you until doomsday. The brilliant pairing of Hodgkinson and McKie is one of those. Tossing off brilliant fireworks in the most elegant and effortless fashion, these two made stage magic. McKie and Hodgkinson are the duo to die for. If you want to feel the earth move, go see what perfection is all about.”
The Hamilton Spectator

“On opening night, Greta Hodgkinson and Guillaume Cote gave a raptuorous account of Beauty’s difficult central roles. Hodgkinson is a real classical prima, a dancer with the attitude, energy and physical presence of a star. In this ballet, she creates the imagination of a healthy young girl on the edge of sexual awakening. She can do all the technical tricks. Her balances seemed effortless, her pirouettes elegant, her attitude poses torn from the page of some perfect ballet primer. Hodgkinson’s Rose Adagio is so stunning you long for the music to start all over again so she can reprise her own genius…..
Greta Hodgkinson danced one of the great Aurora’s of our time.”
The Hamilton Spectator

“The sensational Hodgkinson, in her crisp attack, showed all the girlish enthusiasm of Aurora’s 16 years, yet when she needed to be lyrical, such as in the second-act dream sequence, she could soften the strength of her lines. The ballerina riveted the eye with her awesome control of technique, yet breathed life into Aurora as a character thus rising above mere show.”
The Globe and Mail

‘Greta Hodgkinson was the consummate ballerina in the consummate ballerina role of Princess Aurora, flawless in the hold-your-breath moments of the Rose Adagio and bewitching in the grand pas de deux “
The Toronto Star

Other Dances

“Few artists are more deserving of recognition than Greta Hodgkinson, who has been dazzling audiences over the past 20 years….. Hodgkinson was sublime in the role, completely natural and unaffected. She exudes the quiet confidence that comes from experience, as well as a refreshing and youthful spontaneity.”
Danceview Times

“Other Dances (1976) is Kain’s gift to Greta Hodgkinson to celebrate the principal dancer’s 20 years with the company… What can be said about the sublime Hodgkinson that hasn’t already been said? The ballerina has the innate ability to adapt herself to any style. A chameleon of dance, she masks her formidable technique within choreographic intention. In this work she is young and fresh, a winsome debutante at a ball.”
The Globe and Mail

“Greta Hodgkinson a wonder in Other Dances… With a veritable mountain of work behind her, Greta Hodgkinson is today standing, in every sense, at the very apex of her career.
So it is fitting that the National Ballet of Canada affords the principal dancer the chance to not only dance in the sunshine but to savour the view as well as she marks 20 years with the company… it is all about Hodgkinson, and she makes the most of it as she savours every graceful step, every nuanced gesture, every second in this timeless dance as a fitting reward for 20 years of hard and memorable work. With seemingly effortless style, she serves up a mix of skill, experience, knowledge and artistry that is as intoxicating as it is sweet, leaving one wishing she could dance for 20 years more and almost convinced that she can.”
Toronto Sun

“Other Dances,….specially acquired to highlight Hodgkinson’s virtuosity and expressiveness. Hodgkinson and her Other Dances partner, successfully captured the essential chemistry of mature, companionable affection at the core of this folk- inflected, Chopin driven work.”
Dance International

“…Greta Hodgkinson was the epitome of confident grace and pure romanticism in Other Dances.”
The Edmonton Journal

“Principal dancer Greta Hodgkinson is among the best I’ve seen - certainly the equal of Kain and Tennant in their primes. She can do modern, she can do traditional: onstage, her expressive features transmit her character’s emotions.”
Toronto Life Magazine


“Once again, Hodgkinson demonstrated why she is one of this country’s best dancers. Watching (her) perform Cinderella, I realized one reason for my fascination is the breathtaking scale of her movement. This, I think, is what Arlene Croce, a former dance critic for the New Yorker, was rhapsodizing about thirty years ago when she watched New York City Ballet’s Suzanne Farrell.”
Maisonneuve Magazine

“Greta Hodgkinson brings so much light and shade to her role as Cinderella, she gives the illustion that here is more here than meets the eye.”
Ballet Review

Don Quixote

“Hodgkinson is a fiery Kitri with technical fireworks to spare. She is truly dancing in her prime”

“Stanczyk and Hodgkinson are superb, turning Act III’s classic pas de deux into a thrilling demonstration of good-hearted balletic one-upmanship.”
Toronto Sun

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

“The company’s reigning ballerina, Greta Hodgkinson gets to behave like a royal diva here and she goes all out, delivering a wickedly funny, unforgettable performance.”
The National Post

“an impressively comedic Greta Hodgkinson as mother/Queen of Hearts in a scene-stealing performance”
Toronto Sun

“Greta is a dream, and it’s a wonder that this role was portrayed by anybody other than her given how completely she absorbs the character.”
Blog TO

Romeo and Juliet

“To watch the subtle physical changes whereby Hodgkinson conveys Juliet’s emotional journey from naive girl to determined young woman is to see a ballerina in total command of her craft.”
The National Post

“[Reilly] and Hodgkinson perform so well together that you forget they’re dancing and acting… Hodgkinson, dancing a role as a 13-year-old that only a seasoned ballerina can manage, projects great innocence and playfulness.”
The Toronto Star

“Greta Hodgkinson’s magnificently youthful and innocent Juliet… manages to capture both the tentative awkwardness of a colt and the sleek lines of a thoroughbred in every magical turn.”
Toronto Sun

“…Juliet on this occasion is the exquisite Greta Hodgkinson… In [Jason] Reilly’s arms, she melts like some tender schoolgirl suggesting the firs true flame of love… soft and radiant, Hodgkinson digs deep within to suggest the mood-drenched longing of a young heart beating with ecstatic wonder.”
The Hamilton Spectator

Grand Pas Classique

“Greta Hodgkinson’s effortless execution of the virtuoso solo with its never-ending pirouettes was matched by Guillaume Côté’s thoroughbred performance of the man’s showy lifts and spins.”
The Toronto Star

“When Greta Hodgkinson and Guillaume Côté set fire to the stage in a delightfully bravura pairing… past, present and future come together in a single memory of the Hummingbird stage we can always treasure.”
Toronto Sun

“Hodgkinson and Guillaume Côté brought the evening to a close with a bravura performance of Gsovsky’s Grand Pas Classique – stunning technique combined with superb showmanship.”
Toronto Sun

La Bayadère, Act II

“Greta Hodgkinson exuded those ineffable defining qualities of ballerinadom-authority and aristocracy-adding in this instance appropriate elements of delicacy and fragility that made her the perfect embodiment, or should one say disembodiment, of a supernatural being.”
The National Post

Swan Lake

“Hodgkinson… shimmered in gentle fragility while Odile radiated icy allure. The Ballerina seemed able to bend her supple limbs and body into breathtaking angles to convey the heartbreaking emotion of the former, while tossing off the crisp attach and dagger thrusts of Odile with aplomb. This dual role is considered the sine qua non of classical ballet and Hodgkinson owns it.”
The Globe and Mail

“Hodgkinson is… a world-class star and her rock-hard centre of dance doesn’t disappoint.”
The Hamilton Spectator

“Hodgkinson was the perfect partner for Antonijevic in the dual role of Odette and Odile. As the former, she displayed a brilliant mixture of delicacy, compassion, sorrow and hope in her movements. As the latter, she was fiery and flirtatious, completely unapologetic about her plan to trick Siegfried…”
The Hoya, Washington

“Miss Hodgkinson has an awesome balance, an expressive body and steely technique…”
The Washington Times

“Swan Lake largely depends on the supremely difficult double role of Odette/Odile, the white/black swan princesses. Greta Hodgkinson makes them her own in a bravura performance. She is a luminous, tragic Odette. It’s hard to believe she isn’t a bird, with her pliant neck and quivering hands.”
The Vancouver Courier

“The star of the show was undeniably Greta Hodgkinson… Her assurance, her faultless technique and her wonderfully articulate characterizations mark her as a mature and brilliant dance talent.”
Edmonton Journal

Tchaikovsky Pas de Deux and Petit Mort

“Bolle and Hodgkinson danced with extreme confidence, musicality and wittiness. Hodgkinson let herself go with emotional abandon, a perfect. Arch for the special fluidity of Kylian’s never-ending dynamic wave.”
Dance International

“Roberto Bolle and vital Greta Hodgkinson, from the National Ballet of Canada….the speed and sensitivity of these two interpreters, we’re easily the highlight of the evening…”
Dance International


“With Rubies, Greta Hodgkinson, a dancer of incredible charisma, fills the imagination with potent imagery. With the true genius of the Balanchine dancer, Hodgkinson is capable of sudden shifts of weight, restless little running steps and freeze-frame moments designed to capture the real essence of Broadway show dance… Hodgkinson is easily the brightest star in this Balanchine night.”
The Hamilton Spectator

The Four Seasons

“Excitement continued to build with Summer pas de deux. It has become one of Greta Hodgkinson’s signature pieces…. She is a first- rate ballerina who can only be described as fearless, and her daring makes this pas de deux dangerous and stirring.”
Dance Magazine

“…the National Ballet of Canada has definitely got a star in the brilliant ballerina Greta Hodgkinson… stole the show Thursday night. Hodgkinson, who has turned the role into something of a signature piece, whipped out daredevil turns and come-hither stretches of the leg with equal parts authority and serenity.”
The Contra Costa Times, San Francisco

“…the radiant Greta Hodgkinson was stunning”
Dance International

“[Greta Hodgkinson and Aleksandar Antonijevic's] red hot turn from Summer, quivered with excitement and barely suppressed sexual tension. Hodgkinson has always had the capacity for taking steps beyond choreographic inventions, imbuing them with lusty subtext. She does that here in spades Her passionately held hops onto pointe were so dramatically attached to Vivaldi’s stirring music they may never come unstuck.”
Ballet Review

The Four Temperaments

“…the radiant Hodgkinson…one of the best Balanchine dancers in the country.”
The Hamilton Spectator

The Seagull

“Hodgkinson is exquisite as the fading ballerina, expressing more in the gesture of removing her pointe shoes than others convey dancing in them.”
The Ottawa Citizen

“Greta Hodgkinson is a gorgeous Arkadina and because she has the grace and spirit of a prima ballerina herself she is able to play one without ever dipping into outrageous excess.”
The Hamilton Spectator

“Greta Hodgkinson’s wonderfully nuanced first-cast Arkadina, channelling legendary ballerina Anna Pavlova, was a triumph of deftly impersonated vanity”
Dance International

Dying Swan

“…the great Greta Hodgkinson performed Fokine’s Dying Swan for the first time, and was magnificent. She’s one of the few ballerina’s who understand the build of desperation in the piece, and one could see her very last breath.”
Classical 96.3 FM

In the Middle, Somewhat Elevated

“Greta Hodgkinson danced the key role with dynamic flexibility that illustrated just how great the demands are on the dancers.”
The Sydney Morning Herald

The Firebird

“Greta Hodgkinson was a brilliant and dynamic Firebird”
The New York Times

Symphony in C

“Greta Hodgkinson, queen of the National’s Balanchine ballerinas, is thrilling throughout…”
The Hamilton Spectator


“A beautifully sustained and lyrical dance to Ruby Tuesday is given exquisite resonance by sexy Greta Hodgkinson. Of all the NBC’s female principals, Hodgkinson is the queen of fire and ice. She can be cool and remote, or hot and electric.”
Ballet Review