Kickstarter Campaign from my friends at Anymotion Productions launched!

“Dear Friends
We wanted to share with all of you an upcoming project we have developed and that hopefully with your help, will happen very soon.

We are creating a short dance film of the 2013 creation Being and Nothingness (Part 1), set on Greta Hodgkinson and choreographed by Guillaume Côté. The film will be directed by award winning director Alejandro Alvarez.

Being and Nothingness (Part 1), is an ideal piece to be viewed on video, with its delicate movement and subtle nuances. By filming this amazing collaboration of two great artists, we will be able to give access to the work to anyone, anywhere through the universal medium of Itunes and Vimeo. In addition, it is our hope that the film will be viewed in Film Festivals around the world.

To deliver the piece, we have teamed up with Crystal Ballet, a company based in the UK committed to bringing a new perspective to the traditional art form by producing online high quality dance content.

We all know the reality of the arts industry and the difficulty of sharing our work with the masses. We have created a KICKSTARTER campaign in the hopes that this can be a project produced by many and enjoyed by even more.

So please check out our project on KICKSTARTER at:

or follow us on Facebook ( You can show your support by pledging or by spreading the word for us, and be a part of making this video happen!

Thank you in advance for your help
The Anymotion Productions team”

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